About us

Image Seen is based on the edge of the north Cotswolds and is run by professional landscape photographer Sarah Howard with assistance from a small band of accomplished photographers, all with a passion for landscapes. We provide comprehensive one to one and small group landscape photography tuition in both film and digital photography. Our workshops are designed to suit all abilities, with a high student/tutor ratio providing you with the individual attention that will not only help you to improve, but also inspire you and enable you to take your photography and creativity to the next level.

Sarah Howard
Sarah's interest in photography was initiated by her father, himself an accomplished amateur photographer, and developed further through her travels overseas. Inspired, and subsequently mentored, by renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite, she was encouraged to develop her photography further and to him she owes much gratitude for supporting her and helping her to find her path in life. Aside of photography her greatest passion is travel and she is happiest whilst exploring the great outdoors, seeking to capture the immense diversity and beauty of our world on camera.

Sarah's work has been widely published and exhibited including locally, at the O3 gallery in Oxford, and at Westonbirt Arboretum. The end of 2009 saw the publication of her first book; 'A year in the life of Westonbirt'. That same year, she established Image Seen in order to pass on to other photographers her passion and enthusiasm for landscape photography and to help them realise their creative potential. Sarah now runs landscape photography workshops throughout the UK as well as offering tailored one to one tuition. Photographers from all over the country join her on location learning how to improve their photography and create inspiring images for themselves. Sarah is currently working on 'Photographing The Cotswolds'; part of the FotuVue series of photography guide books.

Rob McDonagh
Rob McDonagh is a keen photographer based in Reading, Berkshire. Rob is interested in all aspects of photography, but his main focus is on capturing natural and urban landscapes both in the UK and overseas. Rob is also intrigued by the echoes of man’s past activity in historic and abandoned sites. Rob is starting to experiment with long exposures and macro to add another element to his images. As an ex rider, Rob also enjoys photographing motorcycle racing.

Rob’s initial interest in photography began as a teenager and during his apprenticeship as an electronics engineer. As with many, the cost and practicalities of using 35mm film dampened his initial enthusiasm and photography took a back seat for many years.

With the convenience and immediate feedback of the latest affordable digital SLR cameras Rob’s interest has been reawakened and he has been enjoying his photography again over the last 5 years. Rob also enjoys sharing has passion with others and enjoys helping demystify the technical aspects of photograph to enable others to enjoy creating better images.

Andy Page
Andy is a semi-professional photographer specialising in UK landscapes and scenics. A self-employed graphic designer by trade, he devotes as much time as he can to his photography.

Andy began his photography at college as a teenager, learning how to process and print black and white film in the darkroom. Later he moved on to transparency film and then onto medium format film photography and it was during this time that he honed his skills with exposure and composition especially. In 2007 he made a big change to embrace the digital revolution (although the medium format camera gets an occasional run out).

In recent years Andy has been a commended finalist twice with three images in the annual ‘Take A View’ Landscape Photographer of the Year competition being published in the annual yearbook and exhibited at the National Theatre Gallery, London. He has also won and been highly placed in several photographic competitions, been published in the popular photo magazines, and sells images through stock libraries and as prints to the general public.

He loves to share his knowledge and experience and is a patient teacher with an eye for composition and attention to detail. A firm believer in the use of technique and craft over equipment, Andy will help you get the most from whatever kit you have or whatever your level of experience.

Paul Mitchell
Born in East Yorkshire, Paul's interest for photography began at school. He then studied graphic design at art college and soon after began his design career in London working for many well known companies and brands. He now lives in Buckinghamshire as a self employed graphic designer and tries to devote most of his free time to photographing the landscape.

Paul has had numerous exhibitions in London and the South East and has had articles and images published in many photographic magazines. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a member of the prestigious Arena group and a founder member of The Landscape Collective UK (LCUK). Paul is also a well respected photographic judge and travels the UK lecturing.

Paul has been successful in many photographic competitions including the prestigious Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, winning the Sunday Times Choice Award in 2013 and being the Urban Category winner in 2015. Apart from his self published book on pinhole photography; 'Spirit of Light', he has also collaborated with four renowned photographers to publish 'The Coast' A personal view of the English coastline.

Martyn Ferry
Martyn is not only a published photographer but, having worked in the field of graphic design for some years, he also has an excellent knowledge of image enhancement, manipulation and processing.

He has worked with Photoshop for the last 12 years both in a professional capacity and also personally on various photographic projects. Working across a range of disciplines has enabled him to gain an in-depth understanding of what the programme has to offer those looking to improve their images and their post processing workflow.

To get the best out of a programme which can, to the beginner seem quite daunting, we try and keep it simple. As Martyn says As a tutor my job is to help people build their confidence and skills, whilst working at a pace that is suitable for them and, most importantly, enjoying the learning process.

Most of Martyn’s photographic work is landscape and nature based making him an ideal tutor to those who are looking to bring out the best in their landscape images and are seeking that extra ‘kick’ to turn good pictures into great ones.