Assistant Application

Image Seen is growing and I need more assistants and leaders to work with me on a number of photographic group workshops throughout the UK.

You must have a keen interest in landscape photography and be competent in both the technical elements as well as the compositional/artistic side.

Any teaching experience would prove useful but more importantly you must enjoy helping others with their photography. Enthusiasm is a must as is a willingness to learn. You must also be sociable and have a certain amount of energy as you will be spending a lot of time with clients - at times from dawn to dusk.

You will need a reasonable level of fitness and be willing and able to use your own car on the workshops to take clients between locations. Some of the workshops are 2-3 days long and sometimes involve a day or so's recce in advance so you must be prepared to be away from home for a few days.

This is an opportunity for someone who is able to be flexible with their time. Perhaps you are self employed or retired, you may be looking to further your photography or photographic career, or simply have a love of landscape photography. Whatever your situation, if you think you fit the bill and want to find out more please contact me by email initially, with details of your experience and please complete the below questionnaire:

Image Seen Assistant Application

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Please give details of any form of teaching or instructional experience you have. Please note we are not looking for qualified teachers but any experience is useful.
Could you be available for a few days a month if needed? *
All of our workshop require recces. This is an essential part of the role and will require you to commit to some time, usually for a day or so preceding the workshop in the case of our longer 'away from home' workshops to help prepare for it.
Are you willing to drive your own car on workshops? *
Please note that you would be required to drive your own car on workshops to carry clients. Please check your license allows this - it may be necessary to update your insurance for business purposes if not.
Which areas are you familiar with in the UK? *
If asked, are you able to explain with confidence the following: *
White balance
Colour temperature
The histogram
Depth of field
How to use graduated filters
Please tick all you feel you have a thorough understanding of.
What do you most like to photograph? *
Be it mountains, seascapes, coastal scenery or urban landscapes everyone has their own favourite. Please tell us about yours and why you love this subject so much.
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Which photographers work do you admire and why.
What camera and lenses do you currently use? *
Please name the make and model of your camera and the focal length of each lens.
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Do you have any post processing knowledge?
Please tell us if you are familiar with Photoshop, Lightroom or any other image editing programmes. Please note that this is not an essential requirement.
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