Selecting your images.

When choosing your images for entry, please bear in mind the following:

Image Size:
  • For your initial submission we require jpegs with 800 pixels along the longest edge at 72 ppi and preferably sRGB. This means that your images will need to be resized before being uploaded, as the files from your camera or your scans will be too big.
  • All images selected for exhibition purposes (i.e. all winning and runner up images) must have been taken using a camera with a sufficiently high resolution to allow the image to be reproduced at A4 size or above (at 300 ppi). We recommend that you use a camera of 8 mega pixels or more and please ensure that your camera is on its highest-quality setting.
  • The requirements given for camera quality are absolute MINIMUM requirements, and the larger the file size you can supply if your image is short-listed, the better, as this will mean that your image can be printed at a larger size. The high-resolution file that will be required for short-listed images should be a minimum of 30mb as an uncompressed tiff file, although a high-quality jpeg is acceptable. (8 bit, Adobe RGB 1998 colour space).

Digital Adjustments
Digital adjustments, including use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging techniques, are allowed but the integrity of the image must be maintained and the making of physical changes to the landscape is not permitted ie no subtraction or addition of trees, TV arials, fences etc and no importing of skies from another image. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any image that they feel lacks authenticity due to over-manipulation.

• Black & white and panoramic images are allowed.
• You may submit images that have been scanned from film or negative to all categories
• Images must have been taken within the 3 years immediately prior to the closing date.
• Images that have won other national competitions are not eligible.

Image naming
The file name of your image must be the category name followed by the number of the image you are entering and then your first and surname, for example; mycotswolds1lucy edwards.jpg If you are entering two images into the same please ensure you number each image ie; mycotswolds1lucyedwards.jpg and mycotswolds2lucyedwards.jpg

Sending your image by email
  • The subject line of your email message must read as follows: 'A Cotswold Scene' followed by your name
  • The image should be 800 pixels along its longest edge at 72ppi
  • It must be a JPEG file, preferably sRGB
  • The file name must be the category name followed by the image number, then your first name and surname ie mycotswolds1lucyedwards.jpg
  • You may email up to 3 images in one email, please label them 1, 2 & 3, ie mycotswolds1lucyedwards.jpg, cotswoldlife2lucyedwards.jpg etc
  • Information to note:
    • Entrants should submit a maximum of 3 images – these can be all in one category or spread across the three. Only entries sent to the correct email address: will be entered into the competition.
    • Please include in your email a couple of sentences describing what each image is of and where and why it was taken.
    If your email and image(s) do not meet these requirements, we will unfortunately not be able to enter it into the competition.
    • Please make sure that you keep the original, high-resolution image safe. Once we have a shortlist of potential winners, we will contact you for this file just after the closing date of the competition.

    Please read the Terms and conditions before entering using the entry form below.

Good luck!